A Week of Alton Brown Day 4: Overnight French Toast

Today’s ode to Alton is going to let Alton speak for himself mostly.  The Cooking Channel has edited a bunch of small videos that describe just one recipe from a Good Eats episode.  Some are better than others, but this one is completely perfect.This French Toast is decadent, not just because of the addition of half & half or rebuttering the pan every time you put a new slice in, but because of the custard.  Soaking the stale bread in the custard is an extra step to be sure, but the texture it creates is like bread pudding: a perfect juxtaposition of crunchy (and buttery!) outside and creamy inside.  This recipe has got it going on.

Alton’s video:
I very much recommend that you watch this 5-minute video, it is explains things perfectly.
Alton’s recipe:

My comments about this recipe all revolve around the cooling rack that you use several times in the recipe:
1.  The rack Alton uses is a grid rack, which I used to own.  I HATE THIS RACK.  It is the most impossible thing to clean.  I bought these rather inexpensive racks a few months ago and I’m in love with them.  They’re much easier, plus space saving!  And best of all, the legs that elevate the racks a few inches off the counter offer even faster cooling capabilities.
2.  Believe it or not, I’ve made this crazy contraption that Alton uses in the video for getting the bread dry by unraveling a wire hanger.  Or, I should say, James did.  I still don’t think it’s as easy or as efficient as simply leaving your bread on the cooling racks overnight.  If you leave your bread out earlier in the evening, turn the bread over on the racks before you go to bed.  This enables the bread to access the most air possible and keeps it dry.
3. Instead of putting just the rack into the oven to let the custard set, I put the entire rack and pan into the oven.  It has always worked for me!Super easy and fun recipe for a relaxed weekend morning. 🙂

  1. I knew by your description of these racks that they were the exact ones I own. I love them and you and this. 😀

  2. Hooray!! Aren’t they amazing?! For like $11 you get three of them and they’re easy-to-clean and stackable and just a more efficient cooling rack in general. I love you back!!! 🙂 Thanks for reading, darling.

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