Bonnie, Head Amateur


The kitchen is my joy – it’s my favorite room in the house.   When I’ve been busy at work or travelling, I go to the kitchen to get back into a routine and feel settled back at home.

But I screw up in the kitchen – a lot.

I taught myself to cook in college with the guidance of Food Network and, really, little else.  But after I cooked more, I became frustrated with the cooking instruction from TV and blogs and cook-books, because everything looks so perfect.  A little … too perfect, in my opinion.  And there’s a bit too much drama for my taste: too much “put a lid on and DON’T peek” or “you MUST rotate the trays half-way through baking.”  Oh, blah blah.

My friends and family consider me a good cook – hell, I think I’m a good cook, too – but I’m far from perfect.  I spill, I drop, I read recipes wrong, I forget ingredients, I think I can change a recipe without ever having tried it before… the list goes on.  But from those unpredictable moments I’ve learned some of my greatest cooking lessons.


I can promise nothing but real stories from real life in a real kitchen.  Come dance with me and let’s cook – because this is most definitely Amateur Hour.

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